Her parents was killed and struck in meter Shower and Helena is a meter infected people just unlike her Stepfather and Mother and  her twins sister Isabella Laura Lang.

Her FamilyEdit

Maxwell Devan Lang (Father),  Gwendolyn Laura Lang nee Kane (Stepmother),  Daniel Edwin Small (Stepfather), Bethany Janet Potter nee Small, (Mother), Maxwell Lang 2 (Brother),  Annabeth (Sister), Lauren (Stepsister), Tom (Stepbrother), Devan (halfbrother), Ginerva (Halfsister),  Bess (Elizabeth) (Sister), Alexander (Brother), Lucca (Stepbrother), Melissa (Stepsister), Janet (half sister), Edwin (half brother),  Isabella Laura Lang (twins sister). Louis Lang, Alexandra Lang,  Lewis Kane (Stepuncle), Alexis Kane (StepAunt)

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