Joining the Justice League Edit

Two years after framing himself for the murder of harvey dent .Bruce was tracked down by Chloe Sllivan asking him to join the league at first he declined.Then after having a brief converation with Alfred he considers it .She finds The batcave .Chloe then blackmails Bruce telling him if he does not join she will eavel his secret. He still Declines saying he is bluffing . Dispounted she contacts Oliver only to find that he has been capturedBy TOYMAN .She goes back to the Batcave begging Bruce to save them. He takes her to the tumbler/Batmobile. Crashes into the wall were they are being captured.Bart thanks Bruce for rescuing him and the rest of the league .Then asks him his secret identity.Bruce frowns and says not to push it..Batman then says im not mpart of the league but call me if you need me.

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